Tissue Massage Dubrovnik


Your Deep Tissue Massage Dubrovnik starts with a full-body consultation. So, feel free to tell your therapist all your aches and pains. He will tailor the session to your specific needs. Every knot will be unknit while being immersed in delicious aromatic oil. You will leave transformed.


Is Deep Tissue Massage Dubrovnik treatment for me?

The work done is deep into the tissue. The therapist will work slowly into building up the pressure. He will use elbows, fists, thumbs, and knuckles work to apply deeper pressure.

This type of massage is quite often used by athletes since it’s great to treat tense areas. However, almost anyone can benefit from it. So, lots of pressure, or just a little. It’s up to you. Make sure to tell your therapist how you feel.

On the other hand, if you are after something really smoothing and super-relaxing, have a look at Swedish Massage or Signature Massage Therapy. You can also combine it with an ultra-relaxing Indian Head Massage session.


How will I feel after Deep Tissue Massage Dubrovnik treatment?

Expect long assured strokes with hands moving along the entire length of your body, combined with short deep pressures. This will definitely quiet your mind and ease your aches. Moreover, the therapy will leave your muscles released and relaxed. However, you may feel slightly sore the day after. It’s almost like you had an amazing workout a day before. But this should pass soon. You will feel free of tension and at ease, leaving you feeling replenished, calm and ready to tackle your next challenge.

What if I am pregnant?

If you are at any stage of pregnancy, please let us know. Our therapist will tailor a pregnancy massage for you.


Ivan Povrzenic is a licensed kinesiotherapist and massage therapist, with a master's degree in Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy). He specialised in trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and Indian head massage.

After working as a massage therapist in the hotel and spa industry for over a decade, Ivan decided to start Massage Dubrovnik therapy, a mobile massage therapy service in the wider Dubrovnik area. He is best know for his Signature Massage Therapy, in which he combines different massage methods based on the client's specific needs, aches, and pains. You can find his detailed CV on LinkedIN.



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