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Treat your body with something special. If your muscles are in need of a good detox, fast and efficient recuperation without using an aggressive approach followed with a long recovery period after it, “Dumo” therapy Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for you.

This treatment is available in our Motion Studio or at the comfort of your Dubrovnik holiday home.


Is Dumo therapy for me?

Originated in Libya as part of traditional folk medicine, Dumo therapy is used not only for the purpose of recovery, but can also be carried out as a prevention of injuries. Therefore, this treatment is preferred by athletes who wish to avoid spasms and other sports injuries, as well as by recreational athletes and people with muscle spasms.

Muscle inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to activities which are more intense
and stressful than the body is used to. As a “defence” mechanism which is supposed to prevent us
from keeping moving so we do not cause damage to our muscle fibres we experience fatigue. But by
the time this mechanism triggers a certain amount of lactic deposits is already being formed in our
muscles, as a by product of energetic processes which were activated in order to give us “fuel” for
our workout. The goal of Dumo therapy is to eliminate those lactic deposits, and help the body to
cleanse itself. In order to achieve that, the therapist applies a specially formulated mixture of natural oils to the body, while taking into account the structure and function of muscles.

How does it work? The treatment is done in three stages. It starts with a massage similar to a sports massage in order to warm up the tissue. After that, a massage done with vacuum cups (different from a classic cupping therapy because the cup is moved in a circular fashion) in order to release the muscle fascia. Last stage is a massage done with Gua-sha crystals, done in order to further increase blood flow in the targeted area (up to 400%) and to break down knots formed in the muscles. At this stage the preparation process is complete and a special combination of plant based oils is applied to the skin which reacts to lactic deposits in the muscles by dissolving them, thus helping the body to clear them out via blood flow. This oil combination also causes a visually interesting chemical reaction – evaporation. Feel free to let your therapist know which areas of the body trouble you the most in order to pay more attention to them.

What if I am pregnant?

If you are at any stage of pregnancy, please let us know. Our therapist will tailor a pregnancy massage for you.


Ivan Povrzenic is a licensed kinesiotherapist and massage therapist, with a master's degree in Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy). He specialised in Brazilian madero therapy, facial madero therapy, deep tissue or relaxing massage. You can combine these treatments with Indian head massage, myofascial release, sea-salt peel, cupping and reflexology.

After working as a massage therapist in the hotel and spa industry for over a decade, Ivan decided to start massage Dubrovnik therapy, a mobile massage therapy service in the wider Dubrovnik area, and open Motion Massage Studio in Dubrovnik Gruž harbour. He is best know for his Signature Massage Therapy, in which he combines different massage methods based on the client's specific needs, aches, and pains. You can find his detailed CV on LinkedIN.


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Please fill in the form below. You can choose to get a massage in Motion Massage Studio or a professional massage therapist can be at your door within a few hours. You can also give Ivan a call or text him via SMS, Viber or WhatsApp on +385 97 7843 962, or email him on ivan@massage-dubrovnik.com

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