Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck, and shoulders. This type of massage has been passed down through the generations in India for thousands of years. Therefore, along with relieving aches, pains, and tension, it focuses on your energy epicenters in the throat, brow, and crown. As a result, you should feel serene and clear-headed.


Is Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik treatment for me?
Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik treatment is a safe and gentle therapy. It promotes a deep sense of peace, calm and serenity. Therefore, people all over the world exercise it as a stress management treatment aiming to rebalance the body’s energies. Moreover, the use of fragrant oils mixture enhances the experience. It can also improve the scalp and hair condition.

Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik is a deep massage. Your massage therapist will use a variety of pressures and techniques. This includes circular massage strokes on your scalp, deep tissue work on your shoulders, and stretching the neck.

Indulge yourself with a luxurious massage treatment in our newly opened Motion Studio or at the comfort of your Dubrovnik holiday home.

For a full body and mind regeneration, you can combine this treatment with a Bazilian Madero TherapyDeep Tissue Massage, De-Stress Swedish Massage or Signature Massage Therapy.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik Therapy focuses on your head, neck, and shoulders. Similar to meditation, daily worries and concerns may be given some perspective. Even if you don’t experience this level of relaxation, this massage treatment offers all kinds of other benefits. Firstly, it may relieve aches, pains, and tension in your neck, back and shoulders. Secondly, it can improve the texture of your hair and encourage it to grow.  Moreover, Indian Head Massage Dubrovnik stimulates the flow of blood, lymph, and oxygen in your upper body. Therefore, it may clear your sinuses, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

What if I am pregnant?

Indian Head Massage is completely safe. It is usually performed on a chair and through clothes. The treatment usually lasts around 30 to 45 minutes.


Ivan Povrzenic is a licensed kinesiotherapist and massage therapist, with a master's degree in Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy). He specialised in Brazilian madero therapy, facial madero therapy, deep tissue or relaxing massage. You can combine these treatments with Indian head massage, myofascial release, sea-salt peel, cupping and reflexology.

After working as a massage therapist in the hotel and spa industry for over a decade, Ivan decided to start massage Dubrovnik therapy, a mobile massage therapy service in the wider Dubrovnik area, and open Motion Massage Studio in Dubrovnik Gruž harbour. He is best know for his Signature Massage Therapy, in which he combines different massage methods based on the client's specific needs, aches, and pains. You can find his detailed CV on LinkedIN.


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